Checkers Hyper Western Cape | January Savings | 02 January - 20 January 2019

Page 2 2 x 140g The Laughing Cow Cheez Dippers Assorted FOR ANY 2 2 x 6x125ml Danone Ultra Mel Vla VIR 2 DEALS CRAZY COMBO 6 x 6x80g Fair Cape Lunchbox Yoghurt Assorted FOR ANY 6 4 x 100g Fairview Fetakaas Verskeidenheid VIR ENIGE 4 2 x 125g Fairview Brie/ Camembert Cheese FOR ANY 2 10 x 350ml Darling 100% Vrugtesap- mengsel Verskeidenheid VIR ENIGE 10 WITH THESEWINNERS EASY DINNERS 3 x 1kg Pot O’ Gold Slaptjips VIR 3 1kg McCain Mixed Veg & 400g County Fair Chicken Steaklets FOR BOTH 7 x 250g Natures Garden Groente Verskeidenheid VIR ENIGE 7 2 x 400g Sea Harvest Petite Hake Fillets FOR 2 2 x Dr. Oetker Ital Pizza Minis Assorted & 6x200ml Ceres 100% Fruit Juice Blend Assorted FOR ALL 3 2 x 2 l Aylesbury Royalty Roomys Verskeidenheid VIR ENIGE 2 ninety9 cents WCFOLHBAOS/E&A 750g Crystal Valley Cheddar-/Wit Cheddar-/Goudakaas & 250g Crystal Valley Maaskaas Verskeidenheid VIR BEIDE GROOTMAAT 1,2kg Sunshine D Lite 40% Fat Spread & 700g Sasko More Slices White Bread & 3 l Fair Cape Full Cream Milk FOR ALL 3 1kg Flora Fat Spread & 500g Flora Fat Spread FOR BOTH Cape Point Prawn Meat 800g Each 99 99 BUY ANY Ready to Chef Meal Kit Assorted & GET 2 x 100g The Menu Dessert (Worth R19,99) FREE! EACH FROM 6 x 350ml Parmalat Steri Stumpie Assorted FOR ANY 6 3 x 200g Eskort Diced/Shoulder Bacon FOR ANY 3 8 x 200ml Oh My Goodness Drinking Yoghurt Assorted FOR ANY 8 MOUTHWATERING SEAFOOD Chapman’s Prawn Tails (Appox. 21–25 Prawns per 400g NETT) 400g Each 99 99 600g I&J Visvingers & 500g I&J Chicken Bite & Delight VIR BEIDE 6 x 120g Happy Cow Regular Cheese Wedges FOR 6